" We make The Science of Advanced Technology Affordable and Reliable "
Raymond C. Rask, Chief Consulting Officer



Advanced Wireless Technologies, Inc. (AWTI) was founded in 1980 by Raymond C. Rask and was associated for many years with The Woodruff Organization of San Francisco.  AWTI has evolved through the years from an organization servicing the satellite communications and broadcasting industries, to an advanced telecommunications networks consulting and design practice serving any industry or application in need of or operating a telecommunications network.  

Through the years, AWTI has provided engineering services to many of the giants and most successful companies of the telecommunications, industrial, and media world.  Here is just a partial list of some of AWTI's large industry clients.  Click here to view detailed client and project lists.  

California Microwave, Inc. ABC Video Enterprises
Data Transmission Network (DTN) Cable News Network (CNN)
Global Wireless Communications Christian Science Monitor Publishing
Hilton Hotels Cox Communications
McDonnell Douglas ESPN
Scientific Atlanta Mutual Broadcasting System
Sprint Communications NBC Radio Network
Telcom General (BP Communications) Paramount Pictures Television
Western Union Broadcast Services UPI International